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The Depechemode series

The custom made Depechemode boxes are based on the band’s original video clips, costumes and props. Every box is made separately and no two are completely the same.

“The ‘DEPECHEMODE IN A BOX’ series started from Dorit’s own passion and history with the band, which is her favorite music group since her early teens.

You can order one of the existing packs in the series, or order the first package of its kind, based on your favorite Depechemode video clip!

*You will also receive a high resolution jpg of your finished box via email!

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Size and content

Each pack is approximately 25x29 cm (carton)

and 9 cm depth (plastic bubble)

The carton size may differ by a few centimeters according to photo and information.


The package will be shipped within 5 working days

from the orders confirmation (the order will be confirmed after being received and read by


Price from the series

Depechemode in a box (from series) 95 €

Price for an original piece of your choice

Order your first of a kind video clip in a box

and you will get the first copy of its kind, including a certificate showing that you have the original copy

Original and first of its video clip / band 120 €

Shipment fee: inside Germany 8€

Shipment fee, international 15€

Collecting from Berlin - free of charge

* Our shipping fees are including package materials to ensure that the box will arrive safely to you

Payment method

The payment can be done via:

  1. -Bank transfer 

  2. -Cash payment when personally picking up the box

  3. -PAYPAL

send us an email with the Depechemode pack you would like to receive


order your own original musician / band /

video clip in a box

Send us:

The headline for the character

  1. Fashion style

  2. Music style

  3. photos for reference

  4. & anything else you think is relevant!

Feel free to email us any questions you might have!


Hanging hole

25 cm

Plastic transparent layering

for maximal protection

Metal corner protection

29 cm

2 mm thick



2 mm thick

compressed cardboard

Was exhibited in
Berlin 2013

The wonderful Anton Corbijn with his copy

gifted personally by me on May 2013

Electronic beats

Who is making the boxes?

All the boxes are custom made by Dorit Bialer (no assistants or prakticants :) and are considered as one of a kind art pieces, or numbered edition pieces. All pieces come with a certificate of authenticity that includes the edition’s number (if it is a part of an extended edition). The boxes were exhibited in international art fairs and exhibitions and are in the collections of two museums in Berlin.

What does the creation process include?

  1. 1.Finding one of a kind toys / All the playmobil items are hand picked in second hand stores and markets. All the individual pieces are ‘revived’ into the custom made boxes and this is why no two boxes are exactly the same.

  1. 2.Research / The studio creation process starts with a research about the person / band / time period that the box is based upon. This includes materials that are gathered online, watching video clips, documentary pieces, and for individual people - Researching their inspirations in life - favorite art movement / music style / life style and more. Gathering their workplace logos, favorite band posters and CDs, creating special objects for their hobbies, finding out about their favorite tv shows and movies in order to represent them in the box.

  1. 3. Designing the background of the box / Every box has an individual background that is based on a photo of a person. After gathering the information about the individual, the background is created. Using a photo of a person, or band. In other cases, using photos of places, textures or graphics in order to reflect the character's personality. The photo is edited in order to fit the box and to create the best layout together with the bubble.

  1. 4.Writing the text / Creating the individual text for the box. The text is usually based on the background sent by the person placing the order.

  1. 5.Creating the individual toys / Although the box is based on second hand toys, many of the toys are being modified in order to look like the person they are based on, and new accessories are hand made from prints, play-dough, fabrics and coloring.

  1. 6.Putting the box together / The last stage is putting all the finished items together. At first the background layer is assembled with the individual print and then the center piece is being set. The toys are assembled together with planning and thought in order to create a story behind the setting and to create some sense of action.