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1 We can come back - Israelis in Berlin 2 Property owner 3 Shoah fetishist 4 Singer

5 Writer 6 Artist 7 Business owner 8 Student 9 The one who have lived here for 20 years already 10. Politically disappointed 11. Why did you come here? Every one has his motive: Politics: 'I gave up on the situation in Israel' Escapism: 'When I'm a loser in Germany' no one in Israel can see.' Patronizing: ' I don't belong to the Middle east Mentality' Opportunity: 'I have a German passport' Job: 'Germany has a big population, which means more clients' 12 Would you have hated me 70 years ago? 13 The usual suspects 14 And where were you 70 years ago, Granny? 15 'Thor Steiner' is a store in Friedrichsain (clothing and accessories), beloved by Neo-nazis, and with a constantly vandalized facade 16 Do you hate me? But we didn't get to know each other yet. 17 ‘Stolperstein’ (stumbling block), thank god its not 1939 18 Germany+Israel=Love forever 19 The circle of guilt / The circle of rage 20 The German circle of guilt: It happened here.. It happened here...It happened here.. It happened here... 21 The Israeli circle of guilt: How could I have left Israel (for Germany)... What would my 22 The German Circle of rage: Its not my fault! It happened before I was even born! 23 The Israeli circle of rage: It happened here.. It happened here...It happened here.. It happened here... 24 The personality ingredients by Freud 25. 'THE ID': Motivation through primal needs and the instinct of survival. 26 'THE EGO': Motivation through 'reward' & 'punishment', according to the expectations of society. 27.'THE SUPER-EGO': Motivation through 'right' & 'wrong' under the control of ethics and the conscience. 28 Question : What do you think about the fact that Israel is an occupying country? Why do you (Israel) treat the Palestinians like you do? Stage 1- Acceptance - The question is processed by the Israelis 'Super Ego', because it involves morals issues. In most cases, the Israeli-Berliner Stage 2 -Hold! Criticism at this point the Israeli understands that he is being looked upon as a country representative, rather then an individual. The subject may feel attacked and 'THE ID' is activated. Stage 3 - Criticism from a German - At this point the Israeli processes the fact that a German is the critic towards Israel. Stage 4 - Defense - The heavy artillery is being used - 'Its the Germans fault that the Jewish people needed their Stage 5 - Censorship - He comprehends the fact that not all can be said out loud. 'THE EGO' uses the censor. Stage 6 - Diplomacy - The Israeli will use the blurred answer: 'Its a complicated situation', and that ends the discussion. 29 Question: How can you live in Germany after what happened there? Stage 1 - Beware -Taboo - Be careful not to answer anything too extreme. 'THE EGO' takes control. Stage 2 - Beware! - Somebody is trying to make you look like a traitor. Stage 3 - Shocked - Somebody is trying to make you seem disrespectful towards the holocaust. Stage 4 - Arrogance 'My grandparents survived the holocaust, therefore, no one can be my judge'. Stage 5 - The winning answer 'My life here is the best proof that the Nazis did not win'. 30 Congratulations! You have a German spouse. Have you already asked where was his/her grandfather serving in WW2? 31 Tip - Did you already look in his/her old family albums? 32 Attention! - Did you already go to 'Yad Vashem'? 33 Question - What would grandmother say? 34 The Israeli - German Baby diagram - Color guide: Green-Israeli / Red-German / Blue - Jewish / Gray - not Jewish. Or in the case that only his father is Jewish (right). The diagram is showing 4 generations of Jewish/German ancestors. 35 Of four brothers speaks the Torah - THE WISE - 'We have to understand the past in order to live in the future' 36 - THE WICKED - 'Are you a self hating Jew' 37 - THE NAIVE - 'Forgive and forget' 38 - HE - Who could not ask

‘Wir Können zurück kommen!‘ / English translation

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